Fun & effective

training both indoors and out

VirtualTraining is the complete software solution for indoor and outdoor training. Track and analyze outdoor performance with PowerTap Mobile or use VirtualTraining to train indoors. Compatible with CycleOps trainers, Wahoo Fitness, power meters or with any ANT+ or BlueTooth Smart speed sensor. Train with intervals or on virtual routes that feature synchronized video.

Bring the outdoors


Ride anywhere in the world or power through effective interval training with the VirtualTraining desktop of tablet application. Simply connect your trainer and go. Visit the compatibility list to see which trainers are supported.

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Track & analyze outdoor rides

with PowerTap Mobile
Outdoor training data is automatically stored and uploaded from PowerTap Mobile to VirtualTraining where you can access complex training data, ride analysis and more.

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All data at a glance

With VirtualTraining, it is easy to share your training. Track and analyze training data, browse and download virtual routes for indoor training, or compete with others or just be social.

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